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Friday, August 24, 2007


Top 10 For this Week and Upcoming Events (in alpha order)
Beatfanatic - Around The World In 80 Beats - Raw Fusion
Budos Band - Budos Band II - Daptone Records
Billie Holiday - Billie Holiday - Remixed & Reimagined - Sony Legacy
Bob Marley - Roots, Rock, Remixed - Quango
The Mitchell & Dewbury Band - Beyond The Rains - Mr. Bongo
Vieux Farika Toure - Vieux Farka Touré Remixed - Modiba
Various Artists - Kero One Presents: Plug Label - Plug
Various Artists - Palace Lounge Presents Café D'Afrique
Various Artists - Yesterday's Universe - Stones Throw
Zap Mama - Supermoon - Heads Up

DJ Santo and Soulphonic Soundsystem bring their unique sound and style to the Press Club (2621 SE Clinton Street) on first Fridays from 8pm - til closing.


SHOW #51
2007.08.12 Playlist

Hour 1

6:01 PM : Jackson Conti (of yesterdays new quintet) : Upa Neguinho : yesterday's Universe
6:04 PM : kero one : In All the Wrong Places : Kero One Presents: Plug Label
6:12 PM : Forty Seven Times It's Own Weight : March Of The Goober Woobers : Gilles Peterson Digs America
6:17 PM : Soul Quality Quartet : I'm Not Here : Ten Years, Who Cares?
6:23 PM : Culver City Dub Collective : Houdini : Dos
6:28 PM : Parov Stelar : Nowhere feat. Billy Kern : Seven And Storm
6:33 PM : Una : Blue Dress : The Rain Is Over and Gone
6:38 PM : From Leaf To Feather : Night Sun : From LA With Love
6:41 PM : Thievery Corporation : The Mirror Conspiracy : The Mirror Conspiracy
6:45 PM : Tabonage : Skyline : Palace Lounge Presents Café D'Afrique
6:50 PM : Jazzanova : Let Your Heart Be Free (2007 Edit) : Ten Years, Who Cares?
6:55 PM : Craig De Maio : The Clouded Leopard : Dinosaur Space Suit

Hour 2

7:01 PM : New Mastersounds feat. Corine Bailey Rae : Your Love Is Mine (Fred Everything Mix) : Palace Lounge Presents Café D'Afrique
7:06 PM : Snorre Seim : Brassespark : Brassespark
7:10 PM : The Mitchell & Dewbury Band : Beyond The Rains : Beyond The Rains
7:15 PM : Ticklejunk All Stars : Cias 66 : Future Funk Sessions
7:21 PM : Down To The Bone : Electric Vibes feat. Roy Ayers : GIANT STEP DIGITAL DJ PROMO
7:26 PM : The Magic Numbers : Crazy In Love (Live From Shepherds Bush) : The Standard 4:19 Volume 4
7:30 PM : Betty Davis : He Was A Big Freak : They Say I'm Different
7:35 PM : Budos Band : Scorpion : The Budos Band II
7:39 PM : Fela Kuti : Swegbe & Pako : The Underground Spiritual
7:48 PM : Sean Kuti and Egypt 80 : Think Africa :
7:52 PM : Beatfanatic : African Rockers : Around The World In 80 Beats

Hour 3

8:01 PM : Up, Bustle & Out : All Out King feat. Romanowsky : Mexican Sessions
8:06 PM : Vieux Farka Toure : Ana (Captain Planet Remix) : Vieux Farka Touré Remixed:
8:10 PM : Dorfmeister Vs Mdla : Boogie No More : Kraak & Smaak: The Remix Sessions
8:15 PM : Zap Mama : Toma Taboo : Supermoon
8:20 PM : Ojos De Brujo : Todo Tiende (Pank Remix) : Techari Remixes
8:24 PM : Bob Marley : Lively Up Yourself (Bombay Dub Orchestra) : Roots, Rock, Remixed
8:28 PM : Billie Holiday : Pennies From Heaven (Count De Money) : Billie Holiday - Remixed & Reimagined
8:32 PM : Gero : Costa Del Sol : Déjà Vu
8:38 PM : Karizma : I C U (mast) : Coop lll
8:49 PM : Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan : Mainoo Ole Bai Ke Pee Lain D : Dub Qawwali

Hosted by DJ Santo .
Production Assistance by Chauncey Canfield.


Love the show---it's reconnecting me with a part of my soul I didn't know was missing...I'm going through withdrawal the rest of the week.

My friends and I love your show. We listen every Sunday evening as we bbq the night away. -B

I just wanted to say that the set on Something Different I just heard was some of the sickest **** on Portland radio. You hear rare groove and disco breaks on 90.7 every rare once in a while, but this was completely unprecedented. Thanks for bringing it!

I wanted to email DJ Santo and tell him how much I like his show. I am a typical mainstream jazz and Latin jazz listener and I don't know much about cutting edge jazz, but I like learning about it. He presents a lot of different music and the "future of jazz", and I appreciate it. -JS

"You really got me with that music. Thanks for awakening my soul." -K

"Thank you for the 3 best hours of radio in Portland. Somehow at the end of those 3 hours your music has managed to re-arrange my chromosomes in the best possible way. Keep it going and going and going and..." -Anonymous Postcard

"As a freelance writer, I listen to KMHD while working, just about all the time...I just wanted to say your show is my favorite, and I look forward to it every week. Thanks for keeping the jazz fresh". - MR

"Just wanted to write and let you know how much we love Something Different. We look forward to it all week! Another great set tonight." -KW&CW

"I just wanted to put in my 2 cents for the Sunday program, "Something Different". I love the hardcore jazz and blues, but Something Different is a wonderful addition to the mix. Please consider this unqualified support from a happy member." -MK

"Just wanted to send you an email letting you know how much I love your set on KMHD!!" -K

"Checking out the streaming version of the radio show online. What a great mix!" -MJ

"Hey, I am listening online from the east coast....loved what you just played before the break...(and now, too, actually!). I really like this type of stuff you are playing." -M

"I discovered your show a couple of weeks ago and have been doing my best to tune in Sunday evening. This past Sunday I particularly enjoyed the first half-hour..." - M.S.

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