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The nightly playlists for Something Different on KMHD are now posted only at Below you will find the playlists for the two hour weekly version of the program which is available on demand.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something Different Playlist 11/09/2010 - 11pm on KMHD

11:50 PM Clickstrodinaire Aroop Roy Nomadic Soul
11:41 PM Destination (Valique Dark Jazz Remix) Mop Mop
11:38 PMThe Phantom (Original Radio Version) Parov Stelar The Phantom EP
11:34 PM Body & Mind Frank Mitchell Jr. Booty Lock EP
11:30 PM All That Is Rising Chico Mann Analog Drift
11:25 PM Dub Science Thunderball 12 Mile High
11:22 PM No Time For Dreaming Charles Bradley No Time For Dreaming
11:21 PM Shopping Spree Orgone Killion Vaults
11:18 PM Soundway Wrinkars Experience The Worlds Ends: Afro Rock & Pyschedelia In 1970s Nigeria
11:15 PM Esclavo Moderno Manuel Alvares Y Sus Dangers Palenque Palenque - Champeta, Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia 1975-91
11:13 PM The Funky Buzzard James Bell and the Turner Brothera The Funky 16 Corners
11:07 PM Have Some Fun (Michael Reinboth & Christian Prommer Edit) Supersoulsonic
11:00 PM Watermellon Man Conrad Herwig The Latin Side of Herbie Hancock

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