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Monday, September 17, 2007


ImprovisczarioBernie Worrell
"Killer Mosquito" (mp3)
from "Improvisczario"
(Godforsaken Music Inc)

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Bernie Worrell's newest solo effort, "Improvisczario" is the jazz/funk/rock album of instrumentals he never made- until now. The project was recorded over one week in the historic Edison Studios in New York City with Will Calhoun (Living Colour) on drums and Brett Bass (Regina Spektor) on bass. There are also some incredible turns by two legends of contemporary music. Guitarist Warren Haynes (Govt Mule, Allman Brothers) guests on two of the albums tracks, and bassist Mike Gordon (Phish) guests on the banjo on another. Improvisczario is a cross between Thelonious Monk piano work as well the wild electric music of Miles Davis or contemporaries Medeski, Martin and Wood. Worrell's signature musical personality is on display at all times as his impeccable taste, wit and talent are channeled through Baby Grand Pianos, Hammond B3 organs, Clavinets, and Wurlitzers. His performances on the Baby Grand piano make a strong case that Worrell is the closest living musician to legend Thelonius Monk. Coincidentally, Worrell was able to play Thelonious Monk's old celeste piano for the albums final song. As the title suggests, all of the songs on "Improvisczario" were completely improvised, and in fact, recorded in one take using minimal overdubbing. The self-imposed restrictions of this production allow fans of Worrell's synthesizer work with P-Funk and Talking Heads to hear a completely different side of him. The music is streamlined, beautiful and powerful, and most importantly, human.

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